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VO2 Lactate Threshold Testing

VO2 Multisport has partnered with former pro triathlete Mike Hermanson to offer Lactate Threshold testing.

One of the best measures of fitness for athletes is the correlation of performance and lactate threshold. Within a lot of training plans it is important to know your individual training zones. The best way to measure your zones is by doing a Lactate Threshold test how your pace and heart rate correlate to your lactate threshold. The goal is to test you at the beginning and at certain intervals throughout your training plan to measure improvements in fitness and to adjust your zones as you increase your efficiency and performance. Any well designed training plan will have your thresholds (power and/or heart rate) defined so the athlete can train effectively. Contact mhermanson@vo2-multisport.com to set up your test today and reach your goals tomorrow.

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