Winter Weather Top Tips
by Rachel Langdon – VO2 Multisport & Pro Cyclist

Some winter weather TOP TIPS.

This morning Joe Collins missed the hand warmer memo and his phalanges were painfully cold! He won’t make that mistake again.

Tip 1: Open hand and toe warmers about 20 minutes before leaving so they are fully activated!

Tip 2: Put toe warmers on the OUTSIDE of your shoes. YES that’s right. on the outside of your shoes between shoes and booties. We have found toe warmers get that little bit of oxygen needed to keep them warmer longer!

Tip 3: Skip the coffee shop stop! Instead, on the really really cold rides fill a thermos (one that will fit in a bottle cage) full of hot Tea or Coffee.

Tip 4: WEAR THE RIGHT GEAR. A good pair of gloves will go A LONG LONG WAY to making winter rides pleasant. Specialized and Louis Garneau make some really nice ones like these featured in the picture below.


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