About Us

VO2 Multisport

VO2 specializes in the three areas of multisport, with one mission – to help athletes get the most out of every breath. We’re more than just a bike shop.

We strive to find new ways to better serve our customers each day. So we set out to revamp our products and the services we offer. Built out of a complete desire to be the best multisport store in the region and to provide a unique experience for our clients; VO2 has been reborn. With the recent expansion of our showroom we added more quality products and our workout facilities have been improved. Our hard work paid off. In 2013 we were voted as one of the Top Multisport stores in the United States.

Come be a part of our family. We would love to be the go-to, one-stop-shop for all your needs. We aren’t just a multisport store, we’re so much more. We offer shop rides, group runs, free classes and more. We have expertise in any discipline. We dont just sell the product… we participate. So whether you are a triathlete, mountain biker, cyclocross junkie, roadie, runner or, swimmer; we’ve got you covered. Your discipline is our business.